Une Langue Vie Pour La Royauté [CH]! 


New Clan Members!  
We have a 2 new members, a dynamic duo of mayhem 
in the realm of Quake!  Sleek, wretched and dangerous we 
expect great things from these two!


Nouveau Monde! 
With age comes experience, but also change and  
transformation.  On this day the Lord Quake appeared before Zartan.  "Thou hath done well Good Zartan...The bell now tolls for a new awakening...Speeds of light...further reaches... 

Cable modem.  Zartan bid His Chosen few farewell, and left them  with the Dowsing Quad - for them to find him in his resurrection... 

So it was that Zartan transcended above Quakoria 
and back to the Motherland... 
Juega Moron!No Seas Gallina! 
Here are our New CHupacabras- 
MEGADETH and Ivanhoek Direct  
From the Land of Chupacabras... 
Puerto Rico!


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